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  • Our Mission

To bring together a growing network of support, while educating parents, teachers, and service providers through our online academy and professional development seminars.


  • Community

Join Us!  It is absolutely 100% free to join our online community.  All you need is a Facebook account, then like our page, and you’re good to go.  Our community members support one another and share information along the way.


  • Online Academy

We provide Continuing Education Units to Board Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBAs), as well as RBT Training Modules and Supervisor courses.  Courses range from 1-8 units, with new subject matters added regularly.

We also provide Professional Development courses for Special and General Education teachers, pertaining to Autism.  Subjects range from setting up your classroom to behavior support strategies, and everything in between.  Please have your administrator contact us with further questions.

Lastly, and most importantly, we provide online courses to parents who are looking to increase their Autism Education knowledge.  These courses will ALWAYS be free of charge, and were created to help assist parents navigate the intricacies of Special Education in many public school systems.


  • Services

We offer flexible consultation and recurring services for your child, agency, or district.

Past services have included: behavioral support, classroom design, teacher training, professional development, student support strategies, school wide positive behavior intervention services, collaboration, data collection, and agency set-up.

Please use our contact form to inquire more.

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