A sample of frequently asked questions we’ve received along the way.

This page will be updated periodically, as more roll in..


  • What made you start Autism Ed Support?

Over the course of several years, I began to notice a trend in many districts and centers: Parents didn’t have clear access to critical information they need in order to support their child.

Whether this was information about assessments, services, therapy, insurance, or IEPs; I saw how difficult it was for many families to navigate the endless facets of parenting a child with Autism.  Add on to this the clinical jargon and endless paperwork, and it became a mound of stress just navigating the many systems in place.

This not only added frustration, but also created tension and distrust between districts, educators, and parents.  Not the best scenario for a team-led approach.

I wanted something different for the families I work with.

I wanted to create a website that provided information that was easy to understand, personable, professional, and supportive.  A judgement free zone.  A place where families, educators, service providers, and supporters could meet, discuss issues, and come together.

  • What state are you located in? Does that effect the information you post?

I currently bounce between New York and California.

The majority of information provided will not be California specific, however if any posts are state specific (ex: insurance laws, regional centers, specific IEP forms, etc) it will  be specified.

  • Are you only online, or do you provide in person services?


We offer online CE courses for BCBAs and teachers, as well as supervision for aspiring BCBAs.  A popular service lately is a custom option for agencies and school districts who wish to create personalized training courses for their staff members.

However, in person I consult with school districts and behavioral agencies to help support any of their Special Education or Behavioral needs.


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